Michael Abrash joins Oculus

by: John -
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There seems to be no shortage of former iD employees joining Oculus. Today, they announced that 3D programmer extraordinaire, Michael Abrash, is going to be joining team Oculus.

Michael Abrash has an incredible history in the gaming community. John Carmack brought him in to help with Quake. He also worked on the Xbox time for a little bit. For the past three years, he was over at Valve Software.

Now he's reuniting with his former iD colleague over at Oculus. This pretty damn good news. Michael knows his stuff. I even bought his Graphics Programming Black Book and learned a lot from his teachings. He's the real deal. This is a great hire for Oculus and even with the little news of the Facebook acquisition, this here shows me they are committed to getting the best talent available and doing all they can to make the Oculus Rift succeed.

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