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Miami Law screens line up their usual suspects

by: Randy -
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The Nintendo DS will have the Miami Law book thrown at it on June 9, 2009.  We've got the (simple and elegant) character art, and developer Hudson sent over short character bios for the cast in this crime scene investigation action-puzzler -- but they sent the file in some completely unworkable, columnar Excel spreadsheet.  Go here instead if you want to sink your teeth in. 

Intriguingly, when Miami Law claims that it has branching stories, not only does the narrative come to a fork in the road, but the actual gameplay swings between action and puzzle solving depending on which of the two main characters' routes you follow.  The brainy Sara Starling gets stuck with puzzle-based mystery solving (Sudoku!  Matching games!), while the unlikely-named Law Martin more often himself in shootouts (on Navy boats!) and car chases (through Miami's mean streets!).

Here's Miami Law's dramatis personae: