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Here's something refreshing: a publisher actually using the Nintendo Channel to distribute a demo.  Hudson has posted a demo for the upcoming DS game Miami Law, allowing you to download two minigames straight off your Wii and onto your DS.  This download functionality hasn't been used enough and now that the DSi has bigger internal memory, developers can deliver more robust demos. Hit the jump for a description of the demo content.

Forget about Crockett and Tubbs…you are now in charge of protecting Miami and the rest of the world!


The first demo for Miami Law, the upcoming Nintendo DS™ game from Hudson Entertainment, is now available.  By logging onto the Nintendo® Channel on Wii™, players can preview two mini-games from the action-adventure title filled with furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses, challenging crime-scene detective work and more!

The Nintendo DS Demo includes two mini-games titled “Confirmation of Guard” and “Car Support.”   In “Confirmation of Guard,” Law is about to break into the hideout for the Cuban Connection, a major drug-dealing organization.  As Sara, you must use the port’s security cameras to determine how many guards are waiting for Law.  If you miss even one, you’ll be putting Law’s life in danger!  “Car Support” takes place after Law barely survives a shootout under the highway and two of the key players in the Miami Syndicate, another criminal organization, are trying to escape by car.  As Law, you must drive your car as Sara shoots to prevent them from escaping.  Law must dodge their gunshots while keeping the car steady for Sara!


Available in stores on June 9, 2009, Miami Law allows players to choose their path and experience the story from two points of view – either as the intense Law Martin from the Miami PD or the brainy Sara Starling from the FBI.  Depending on which character they pick, players will be presented with different challenges.  Playing as Sara will feature a puzzle-based, mystery solving element, whereas playing as Law will thrust the player into the action, often into car chases or shoot-outs where taking out the bad guys is the only way to get results.


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