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Metroid Other M's composer is...Kuniaki Haishima

by: Sean Colleli -
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I must have missed this in the lead-up to PAX East, but GoNintendo reported back in March that the person scoring the music for Metroid Other M is Kuniaki Haishima. The man is a very accomplished composer and has done work on famous animes like Macross Zero and Monster. I'm sure he'll bring a new and evocative musical flavor to the Metroid universe.

Of course I'll still miss veteran Metroid composer Kenji Yamamoto on this one. He's been doing the series' music since Super Metroid on the SNES, and his highly ambient score for the Metroid Prime trilogy is one of the best in recent memory. It set the tone perfectly and gave the somewhat different Prime series a sense of continuity and legitimacy right from the get-go. I'm interested to see how Haishima's score compares to the overall style of Metroid Music, and if he includes musical throwbacks and homages to older games the way Yamamoto did.