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Metroid: Other M gets a website

by: Jeremy -
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 It isn't big news.  It isn't exciting.  It is there though: the official Japanese website for Metroid: Other M has been launched for the Tecmo developed project that will be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii.  Gamers of the world are still sitting in the dark in terms of details on the project, aside from the 2010 release window.  The website does not add much information to the collective knowledge either, consisting of only a brief video clip that results in a woman, possibly Samus, staring out over a futuristic city scape.  According to G4, the text and spoken words during the clip translate into "this dream... it was like watching the video of a tragedy that already happened".  You can pretty much bet the bank that Metroid: Other M will be one of the big titles that Nintendo will be showing at E3... or possibly sooner...