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THQ must be pretty happy with the critical acclaim and reception that Metro 2033 has received as the sequel is officially in development. In a statement from THQ’s core games VP, Danny Bilson, it was confirmed that 4A Games is hard at work on the sequel to the title.

When I first heard the rumblings of a sequel going into E3, I was a bit worried... but that was due to my lack of knowledge on the official material. It turns out that the author of the original title (2033), Dmitry Glukhovsky, actually penned an indirect sequel to the original book, entitled Metro 2034. My fear was that a disservice would be done to the original game and story in the crafting of a sequel, but after learning of the official work by the author, I feel a little more comfortable with the project.

Little is known about the game adaptation of Metro 2034, aside from the fact that the game is being developed to utilize the emerging 3D technology that many other games and media are currently focusing on. The literary work of the same name is actually an indirect sequel to the first book. The new story was released for free to the public via the official (Russian) website and has seen over a million visitors since its launch.

If the second title is half as good as the first, 4A Games will have another hit on their hands...

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