Method Man and Redman will be performing at Def Jam Rapstar's E3 booth

by: Tina -
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E3 is looking more and more appealing as the last minute news rolls in. With just a few days away from the expo in LA, we've just received news from developers at 4mm and publishers at Konami that rappers Method Man and Redman will be making a guest appearance at the Def Jam Rapstar booth. They will be performing their music live on June 16th, including the tracks that are scheduled to be featured in the game when it releases on October 5th.

What does Method Man have to say about the game? "Rapstar is [the] hottest thing coming right now so you know we had to be a part of it." He further elaborated on their motivation: "We only associate ourselves with that heat, nothing else." And when you're not hearing the duo rapping at Def Jam Rapstar's booth, you'll be listening to DJ Clinton Sparks spinning tracks on stage. If you are unfamiliar with the two rap artists, you should certainly check out the video released promoting the game that we've posted below. I get the distinct impression that they had a camera put in their face and were told to go with it. Don't worry, obligatory cursing has been censored.

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