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Announced today is the development of a sci-fi shooter coming to PC called MetalMorphosis.  What makes this game different and sets it apart from its competition?  There are elements of space exploration, real-time strategy, and it has tasers.  That sounds like an awesome mix to me. 

MetalMorphosis happens in the future when earth's first space outpost get overrun by spider-like robots.  Players are given a team of soldiers with unique abilities.  During the game you will be able to instantaneously toggle between which soldier you are controlling to be most effective.

The game will feature five different solar systems, ten levels that go indoor and outdoor, and did I mention tasers?  This looks like a game that is right up my alley as I love all shooters.  Take a look at the screens below and be impressed because this is an independently developed game.  We'll post more about MetalMorphosis as we hear it. 

Fans of hardcore first person shooter games are challenged to test their skills and abilities in MetalMorphosis: This action packed futuristic shooter features adrenalin-pumping destruction and mayhem from the beginning, and is guaranteed to test the stamina of any trigger-happy fans of the genre.
MetalMorphosis includes elements of space exploration and real-time strategy; its story kicks off in a not too distant future on earth’s first outpost on Alpha Centauri. Until now, alien life has never before been encountered, but upon arrival you find the base overrun by spider-like robots of unknown origin. Their origin on the planet was a previously undiscovered compound that had also been overrun. 
To prevent the inevitable extinction of the human race it is your mission to control an elite team of professional soldiers each having unique abilities; Specialist Williams is a communications expert, Sergeant Curtis is an engineer, Lieutenant Smith is the team leader and finally, you have at your disposal a weapons and demolitions specialist. At any time during game-play you have the option to instantaneously toggle between soldiers to confront enemy attack with the most suitable choice of character.
The finished version of MetalMorphosis will feature space exploration and missions throughout five solar systems and its ten levels will include indoor as well as outdoor environments. As you successfully complete missions you will unveil new destinations; your spacecraft will also have unique upgradable features along the way. In addition to featuring grenades as well as rifles, the finished game will host a wealth of other weaponry such as rocket launchers, tasers, surprise weapons and a variety of different assault rifles of differing caliber and functionality.
MetalMorphosis was created using a proprietary game engine developed entirely from scratch by independent developer, Cash Curtis. Previous work by Mr. Curtis includes Aftershock and Tasmania: Dreamwalker. Following completed work on MetalMorphosis future endeavors include Geisha House, a large scale role-playing game (a title already attracting publisher interest). Cash is also evaluating the possibility and options of porting MetalMorphosis onto game consoles and interested publishers are encouraged to connect.
For additional information about, and to download your own preview copy of MetalMorphosis, please visit Game-play videos are available at
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