Merry Frostivus! Dota 2 kicks off holiday events with a huge update

by: Sam -
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Valve recently announced it would be bringing back its Dota 2 holiday event Frostivus this year, and a fake cancellation and some joking around they have revealed their true intentions: Wraith-Night. The biggest surprise for players is the absence of the hero Skeleton King, who is entering into a special ritual in hopes to regain his human form. What does this mean for players? Skeleton King will be unplayable for the duration of Frostivus. During this time you will be able to play the new game mode, Wraith-Night, in which you defend Skeleton King from waves of enemies while he undergoes the ritual. 

There were two other major additions in the update. One is a new hero (to Dota 2), Legion Commander, who fares well against large groups of enemies and can challenge enemy heroes to 1 on 1 duels. Expect to see her played constantly in the near future as people learn the ins and outs of her skills. The second addition is ranked matchmaking, a new mode for those looking to show off their skills. There are also some small balance updates. 

If all of that wasn't enough Valve is also giving out presents to players, as well as having a huge sale in the in-game store. Check it out right now to get some great deals and free items. 


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