Mega Man Universe takes shape

by: Jeremy -
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There has been a lot of information released in the past month from Capcom regarding their upcoming platforming MMO, Mega Man Universe. Between the San Diego Comic-Con, last week’s PAX Prime, and the upcoming Tokyo Game Show... the game has and is pretty much getting a full reveal.

The first gameplay footage of the game was released by Capcom just prior to PAx Prime thanks to Inafune-san. The footage, shown below, put a lot of fan’s fears to rest as it is evident that the new game will maintain the same classic Mega Man gameplay that the fans have grown to know and love. The video shows a few of the Mega Man variations that will be available, including the classic NES box art version of the blue bomber.

The Capcom Unity Blog has also shed some light on thanks to my buddy Snow! In a recent blog posting, Snow showed off some screens from both the character and level creators in the game. The character creation mode will allow gamers to construct their own personalized Mega Man and you stats and abilities will change depending on the parts that you use. We all knew that this was going to be included as it wa smentioned along with the game’s announcement earlier this year. What we didn’t know about though was the stage creator. Mega Man Universe will also contain a level / stage creator that will allow gamers to create and share their own platforming levels across the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. You can check out some shots of both modes below: 

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