Meet the factions of Risen 2

by: Nathaniel -
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In this video, which is part 2 of the six-part developer diary for Risen 2, we learn about the factions that make up the world Risen 2 takes place in.  First are the Gnomes.  Everyone seems to love the Gnomes.  They "collect" anything that is not already nailed down.  Except for "Jaffar," who will aid the player, not a lot has been revealed yet.  Next is the Inquisition.  They're your standard goosestepping bad guys, but they've been weakened by the sudden disappearance of magic from the world.  Then you have the Natives.  They live in the jungle and are sugar cane harvesting slaves to help feed the rum trade.  And they work voodoo, so I guess we can expect the same racism label that some people applied to RE5.  Finally we have the Pirates, the central faction and the one the player starts out in.  They get drunk a lot.  Because of course they do.
Risen 2 hits stores on April 24.

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