Meet the bosses of Shiren the Wanderer

by: Tina -
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We keep hearing about “epic” adventures and battles (complete with Japanese mythology references) to come from Shiren the Wanderer, the upcoming RPG game for the Wii. If there were any qualms as to the validity of the statement, you can put Atlus’ word to the test with the release of this video showcasing the bosses in the game.

To attest to Shiren the Wanderer’s ever-present awesomeness, they’ve also posted a fourth blog entry to give you the scoop on the bosses you’ll be encountering. Written in said blog post, Scott Strichart (project lead) gives you some tips and advice on how to handle the bosses.

You can head over here to read the entire entry, check below for the video and screens, and click here for Sean’s preview demo on the game.

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