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Meet Zevran, the latest character in Dragon Age:Origins

by: Chuck -
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Meet Zevran, the son of an elven prostitute and a member of the Antivan Crows, he's what the ladies like to call a "bad boy".  He's also the latest character from Dragon Age:Origins and given that he's an assassin looking for a way out of the Crows he's going to be a valuable ally as you try and save humanity.

Is it just me or is Bioware pushing the T&A in the game a bit harder than they should.  They walked us through one of the ways you could bed one of your party members during the E3 demo and it just felt forced.  Bioware's got a pretty strong rep as solid story writers so hopefully the sex stuff in the final game is a bit more organic in the game and doesn't come off like a Japanese "date simulator".