Meet Mister Scratch

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Alan Wake's American Nightmare
You don't hear much about serial killers anymore, besides the hunky anti-heroes that live on premium cable.  It seems like their hay day as a real world cultural curiosity is long past, and that probably only makes it easier for them operate.  

Alan Wake's life, on the other hand, revolves around them, or at least one in particular: Mr. Scratch.  Along with murdering people, Mr. Scratch also happens to look just like Alan Wake.  I'd imagine that makes it pretty hard to date, or go on job interview.  
If the following trailer is to be believed, Mr. Scratch himself seems quite fun-loving in that raging psychopath kind of way.  We'll all be able to see for ourselves when Alan Wake's American Nightmare hits Xbox Live on February 22.  It will run you 1200 MSP ($15.00).  

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