Meet Haldir and Lugbol

by: Nathaniel -
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When I think of the upcoming Hobbit film adaptation, the very next thing I think of is the massively online battle arena (MOBA) sub-genre of MMOs.  If you don't, then Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment seeks to change that with Guardians of Middle-earth - a MOBA featuring select characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Below you'll find a new Battle Profile video has been released showing the Elven Marchwarden Haldir and the Goblin sorcerer Lugbol in action.

Along with that video, you should know that Guardians of Middle-earth Avatar skins and Pets are now available on XBLA for download.

Finally, Facebook is hosting the "Gandalfs of Middle-earth sweepstakes."  You can enter for a chance to win an authentic life-sized Gandalf statue (then hang a sign around his neck that says "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" to ward off any ne'er-do-wells).  Go here for full details and contest rules. 

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