Medal of Honor 360 beta is live

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PlayStation 3 gamers and PC gamers have had their chance to partake in the beta for Medal of Honor, but now it is 360 users’ chance to join in on the fun and the bug reporting. With beta now live, those with keys can redeem a one-time-use-only token to download the beta starting today.

If you’re really curious, or if you are logging on for legitimate purposes of reporting any discrepancies, you can head over to the forums to see what is going on. 
The wait is over -- the Medal of Honor Xbox 360 Beta is now live! Go to to redeem a beta key. Once a key is redeemed, players will be given a token for the Xbox Live Marketplace to download this highly anticipated beta. One key can be redeemed per account.

The development team at DICE is grateful to the PlayStation 3 and PC beta players for their constructive feedback, much of which has already been integrated into those versions of the game. Now, with the Xbox 360 version going live, the team looks forward to the feedback from this community as well. While players will not see too many changes reflected in the beta yet, the development team is hard at work building an gameplay experience for Medal of Honor that integrates all player feedback into the final version of the game. Player feedback is crucial to enhancing the experience, so please visit the Medal of Honor forums and tell the team what works and what needs improvement.

DICE extends a warm and gracious to ‘thank you’ to all Xbox 360 fans for their patience through this process.

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