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Twisted Pixel Games is giving it up for free: the meat and the avatar awards. If you’ve already played Splosion Man and gotten some of the achievements, you’ll get access to your Splosion Man avatar gear right at the main menu. If you haven’t gotten the achievement, you’ll just be taunted by an image of what you could look like if you do get to complete them. Check the images below for the two male and two female options that you can get for free upon receiving said achievements.

If you like meat, and especially Omaha meat, then you should download the Splosion Man gamerpic off the Dashboard or Xbox’s website. Each time you play in the online multiplayer before November 22nd (limit of 5 times) you will enter your name into a chance to win the Omaha Sweepsteaks (yes, steaks not stakes).

Twisted Pixel Games has also fixed the buggy online multiplayer and promise a lag-free gaming experience from here on out. Put their claim to the test, and pick up some avatar gear and steaks on the way.


Avatar Awardables, Omaha Sweepsteaks, and Online Multiplayer Fixes

AUSTIN, TX – October 26, 2009 – Twisted Pixel Games has announced three new reasons to play Splosion Man on Xbox LIVE® Arcade during the next few weeks: free avatar awards, free meats, and improved online multiplayer. CEO Michael Wilford said “we’re excited because this is the biggest update to an existing game, with a lot of chances for players to score some free new stuff.”

Avatar Awards

Now that the Xbox Dashboard fully supports awarding players with avatar accessories from within a game, a title update has been released early this morning to enable Splosion Man’s awardable functionality, making it the first game to provide this feature to players free of charge. Players who have already performed the achievement will be awarded their accessories at the main menu, while new players will get to see a preview of what their avatar looks like wearing the accessory. Players can win two male and two female accessories for free by playing through Splosion Man.

Omaha Sweepsteaks

Ever wonder how those filets that come bursting out of Splosion Man scientists taste? Now you can find out! Twisted Pixel and Omaha Steaks have teamed up in order to deliver hundreds of top-quality steak filets to players. Register by downloading the special Splosion Man gamerpic on the Dashboard or on, and then receive one entry each time (up to 5 times) Splosion Man is played in an online multiplayer session before November 22nd.

Online Multiplayer Fixes
Since the game’s launch, some players have encountered laggy online game sessions in certain network scenarios, including connections that frequently drop data packets. In this morning’s title update, those issues have been fixed so that all players can experience lag-free online multiplayer the way it was intended.
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