Matt Hazard Memorabilia sale to benefit Child's Play

by: Ben Berry -
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These days anything "retro" is all the rage. The term "curate" is now used to mean people collecting 20 year old items that were mass produced by the truckload. I see women in Boston on a daily basis who would be attractive under normal circumstances, but instead have "curated" some vintage 80's frocks that I didn't think were sexy the first time around.

Today however, we got an email from someone who has some auctions up on eBay that will allow some folks to "curate" some Matt Hazard related items. The proceeds from these auctions will benefit Child's Play.

If you've never heard of Child's Play, it was founded by the guys who started Penny Arcade, and it benefits children in hospitals.  If you've never heard of Penny Arcade, I can't help you, and you DO need help.

Each of the 4 auctions contains a T-shirt, 4 coasters, and a slap bracelet. The links to the auctions are below, and the end 12/21.

I just hope someone out there knows how to curate a slap bracelet.