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Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond character reveal

by: Tina -
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News on Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond is coming slowly, but surely. In lieu of this lack of information, D3 is giving us exposure to some character reveals. First one up: Dexter Dare.

If you ask me, Dexter seems to be a bit of a jerk. Falling into the “sidekick” roll alongside Matt Hazard’s right hand, Dexter grows progressively resentful of Matt. His obsession is clear when he creates an army of fembots in the likeness of Matt’s former girlfriend, Kitty Abundanza. So maybe he’s not as much of a jerk as he is psychotic.

As many of you will probably know from the game’s predecessor, Eat Lead: the Return of Matt Hazard, Dexter eventually betrays Matt when offered a position by Wally Wellesley to become a star hero in an upcoming action title. Although Dexter does set his fembots on Matt, Matt decides to spare Dexter’s life. This isn’t a completely happy ending, however, as Dexter retains some deep inner resentment likely to manifest itself throughout his subconscious and eventually make him snap. That’s just my prognosis, though.

Dexter Dare

Dexter got his start in one of Matt Hazard’s games in the mid-90s (Matt Hazard Must Die!) as a character who saved Matt from certain doom. He was so popular that Marathon Software made him Matt’s permanent sidekick in the Matt and Dexter series of platforming shooters.

Although initially grateful for the opportunity to share the spotlight with a gaming legend like Matt, Dexter soon began to harbor a great deal of resentment toward his mentor. He also developed a crush on Matt’s then-girlfriend, Kitty Abundanza, and resented Matt all the more for being so successful with the ladies.

All of this led a to a Mana abuse problem that ended the partnership and put his career on the rocks. He disappeared from the gaming scene and retired to his palatial virtual estate, where he assuaged his loneliness by building an army of female robots, all of whom were modeled to look like Kitty. (Despite his many difficulties, Dexter was always quite good with money.)

Dexter spent years blaming Matt for all of his personal problems and knowing deep inside that he, Dexter, could surpass Matt as the best action hero in games if given the chance. So, when Wally Wellesley offered him a starring role in a next-gen action title in exchange for destroying Matt, he jumped at the opportunity to exact revenge and become the hero he always wanted to be.

After Matt spares Dexter’s life—in spite of the fact that Dexter tried to kill Matt—Dexter’s life turned around. He kicked the Mana habit and resumed his friendship with Matt. Although his bitterness at being a sidekick for the rest of his life still comes out from time to time, Dexter is always ready to do some serious ass-kicking when the need arises.



In Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond, General Neutronov, one of Matt’s nemeses has reactivated Matt’s old games like The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land and Chest of the Pirate Queen, giving Matt no time for a leisurely stroll down memory lane as he chases Neutronov through the games of the past on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. A unique take on classic 8-bit side-scrolling gameplay, Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond offers next-gen 3D graphics, intriguing boss battles, and will have players running and gunning solo as Matt Hazard or in co-op mode with a friend as Dexter Dare. Be prepared to open some wounds as you battle through a pirate hideout, an ancient Japanese castle, the Old West, and more.

• Old-School Graphics Meets the Future – Blood Bath and Beyond stretches 8-bit to the 9-bit realm with advanced next-gen 3D graphics.

• Co-op Action – Play on your own as Matt Hazard, or with a buddy as Matt’s old sidekick Dexter Dare in Co-op gameplay mode.

• Spew Out Your Load of Ammo All Over Enemies – Shoot a vast arsenal of weapons into any direction including the background to rip apart an onslaught of nostalgic enemies like the toxic waste-vomiting mutant penguins, cute but lethal Death Wuzzles, chopper-mounted cowboys, and giant boss enemies like the 200-foot-tall Rhino-zilla and Old Berney, an animated, mechanized Lighthouse.

• Unique Level Design – A wide variety of side-splitting levels drawn from the deep, yet fictional history of the greatest videogame hero that never lived, including a pirate hideout, an ancient Japanese castle, the Old West, Siberian ice mines, and even the moon!

• Challenge Your Friends For the Ultimate High Score – Track your scores with online Leaderboards, along with a slew of Achievements and Trophies that provide bragging rights to all players.