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It'll take a little longer than originally planned to become Master of the Monster Lair.  The new release date for this Nintendo DS dungeon sim moves from September 2 to several weeks later on October 21.  To soften the blow, Atlus chained down eight incredibly random, dungeon-fresh screenshots depicting Crowcats, some all-important shoveling, Firepigs, divine-light bombs, the Valkyrie character class, Pigboar Stew ingredients, Gloop, and the rewards of scavenging.

Master of the Monster Lair Delayed Until October 21, Talking Shovel Reports

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July 29, 2008

A shovel with insider information and the rare ability to speak aloud has just broken the story that Master of the Monster Lair has slipped out of September and is now scheduled for release on October 21.

“It seems as though Nintendo DS™ adventurers in search of dungeon-crafting, monster hunting and loot collection will have to wait a little while longer,” stated the trowel, matter-of-factly.

Master of the Monster Lair for Nintendo DS lets players create the dungeon of their dreams, trying to lure in a variety of monsters carrying different types of items and treasure. True master lair architects can trade designs with a friend via local wireless. Dig these features and more when Master of the Monster Lair releases on October 21, 2008.

Download the new Master of the Monster Lair screenshots.

Download the official Master of the Monster Lair box art and logo.

Visit the official Master of the Monster Lair website.

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