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It's like Viva Pinata for Dungeon Masters.  Out this September for the Nintendo DS, Master of the Monster Lair puts you in the Pied Piper role of creating a dungeon that will attract all the foul denizens ravaging the local township.  With your talking shovel (?) you'll dig out a monster lair fit for a fell beast.


Master of the Monster Lair



Master of the Monster Lair


E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)


About Master of the Monster Lair















Dear Atlus Faithful,


A shovel speaks, an adventure begins. 


Master of the Monster Lair


You're about to become the architect of a vast labyrinth.  Design your dungeon as you see fit, choosing from an ever-growing list of various furniture and rooms, trying to lure as much vermin into your trap as possible.


Why try to capture monsters?  Because the town of South Arc is overrun with them and there's no better way of taking care of an infestation than to lure the freeloaders into a nice, cozy dungeon... And then make them disappear. (wink)


Replayable and customizable, Master of the Monster Lair is a fun RPG experience that's easy for everyone to pick up and play.


Master of the Monster Lair Trailer


Watch the official Master of the Monster Lair trailer!


And what's more, you can share your unique designs with friends that own the game, allowing you to explore new levels from someone else's imagination!


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Ahh, a talking shovel... How deliciously absurd.  Believe you me, Atlus Faithful, it's a rather satisfying thing, making one's own dungeon.  Oh well, you'll know that joy soon enough.


This September, shovel speaks, you dig, monsters die!




Atlus Aram

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