Massive MapleStory update

by: Marissa -
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 MapleStory just got a major update. Here's the rundown:

You can now create the Cygnus Knight from scratch, which means you don't have to be a level 20+ to create one anymore.

A new tutorial has been added for Noblesses which is CK-specific.

11 new quests have been added along with a new Balrog boss. New maps and items will be dropped, and players will be able to choose from Easy and Normal settings.

More titles have been added to give players more perks for accomplishing different tasks. You may want to try on new titles like Lovely Pet Owner and Outstanding Citizen, to name a couple.

Two new mini dungeons have been added, one in Drake's Blew Cave in Sleepywood, and the other in Red Nose Pirates' hideout in Herb Town.
A couple of new events are going on as well:

The Gold Richie events (10/22/2009-12/08/2009)

Gold Richie will be sending players through a few new events which will give them some valuable items to use at their disposal. The first event has players looking for parts to help Richie complete his Golden Compass. Once that is complete, players will then be able to go to his treasure island where they will have to collect golden eggs. Doing this will grant the players the chance to obtain many scrolls, belts, equipment, and the like. But if players find a certain type of golden egg, then they’ll be able to trade Richie the egg for EXP instead.

The second event is one where on certain days, Richie will give out the chance to trade him for odd items. If players are lucky, he might even give out two valuable chairs: the Star Chair, and the Red Chair.


Witch’s Tower event (10/22/2009-12/08/2009

The Witch’s Tower event will give players the chance to win two new items: the Pink Bean Hat, and the Pink Bean Suit. The tower has two difficulty settings: Normal and Hard, but either way, players will get the hat and/or suit by completing it.

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