Mass Effect knocks another launch trailer out of the park

by: Nathaniel -
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Mass Effect 3 comes out on Tuesday.  If you haven't already made arrangements to get the day off work, haven't told your spouse or significant other to just pretend you're dead for a day or two, and haven't yet seen to it that someone else is responsible for your kids/pets/invalid parents, then you are running out of time.

Just to make sure you're appropriately excited, BioWare has released Mass Effect 3's launch trailer, and it's amazing.  The hot spaceship on spaceship action alone should be enough to make you pull an Eric Cartman and bury yourself in the snow.  Just make sure whoever you told knows where you're buried; otherwise, your only experience with Mass Effect 3 will be a play put on by school children about the time in the early 21st Century when all commerce came to an inexplicable stop on some random Tuesday in March. 

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