Mass Effect is once again coming to the small screen - the really small screen

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Mass Effect iPhans have two new iOS games to get them in the mood, and unlock exclusive weapons, for BioWare's upcoming action-RPG title, Mass Effect 3.  

Mass Effect: Infiltrator (Just check out the screen shots below - wow, don't you agree?) follows the exploits of some, as yet unknown, infiltrator whose task is the free prisoners from and collect evidence on Cerberus, the morally dark-gray (like really super dark gray) human supremacist organization responsible for Shepard's resurrection in Mass Effect 2.  The third person shooter will naturally feature powers and weapons from the series.

The second, called Mass Effect: Datapad looks more like an app than a game.  It will allow players to keep track of their galactic readiness and fight Reapers on the go.  Galactic readiness is the component of Mass Effect 3 that tracks the player's current ability to fight off the Reaper invasion once and for all.

No word yet on when they're set to be released, but it must be soon since the 3/6/12 release date for Mass Effect 3 is approaching at FTL speeds.  

[via: gamesradar]

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