Mass Effect fans may want to take cover

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News reports hit in last day or so regarding a "new killer feature" about to be announced for Mass Effect 3.  Most seem to assume it will be some sort of online multiplayer, and that point of view just got some support by an ad in a South African magazine that lists one of the bonus features of Mass Effect 3's collectors edition as an "online multiplayer pass." Eurogamer is even reporting that sources have told them that Mass Effect 3 will have online co-op that is separate from the main campaign and will feature competitive aspects.  Many long-time fans of the franchise are dead set against it every having any kind of multiplayer component, and pretty much everybody hates online passes.  The message boards and comments sections should be a frightening place to visit if the upcoming announcement is indeed the addition of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 comes out on 3.6.12.

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[source: eurogamer]

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