Mass Effect 3 willl require Origin and no Steam availability planned

by: John -
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Well, looks like I won't be finishing Mass Effect 3 for a bit. That is, unless EA changes their mind. For the PC version of Shepard's last mission, you'll need to install Origin whether you have the digital or physical copy and there won't be a Steam version available.

A small but of good news is that you only need an Internet connection to authorize it the first time and you aren't limited to the number of installs. That's great for those that change out computer parts, or do testing.

I know EA's trying to push their online service, but forcing folks to use it for first Battlefield 3 and now Mass Effect 3 is not a good way to grow the product. And to not offer it on Steam, well, that's not too surprising given some of the recent decisions by EA.

I bought Mass Effect 1 and 2 when Steam had their sales a while ago and promptly finished both games. I really enjoyed the two and would love to play the third. Now, since they aren't offering it on Steam, will my save game still transfer over to the third game? No word yet from the forum post, but I hope that EA has a method to transfer that over from those that have played the game on Steam and want their decisions from the first two games to affect the third game.

For Mass Effect 3, I'll probably wait to see if it does show up on Steam. And if it does, it'll be cheaper and have many issues fixed by that team. Although I'm anxious to see the conclusion of Shepard's, I can wait this one out and see what transpires on whether they finally offer the game up on Steam or buy it when it's at a deeply discounted price because of the lack of Steam.
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