Mass Effect 3 will reportedly contain multiple endings

by: Nathaniel -
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That's according to Mass Effect 3's producer, Mike Gamble.  

Now technically, both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 had multiple endings based on the player's Paragon or Renegade alignment and a few black and while decisions.  But Mass Effect 3 must have exponentially more variables, right?  For many, Shepard will be dragging two game's worth of baggage along the way, and all those variables have to help shape the endings, right?  Well, in an interview with Mike Gamble used the phrase "not cut and dry" to describe the various outcomes. 

Does that mean that Shepard can, in some cases, only achieve partial victory over the Reapers?  Perhaps there will be some sort of "compromise" ending like in BioWare's own Jade Empire that saw the player able to agree to sacrifice him or herself to the villain in exchange for the realm's everlasting worship.  

Whatever the "not cut and dry" multiple endings turn out to be, I can tell you for a fact it won't be some number of demonstrably different endings that drastically rewrite the universe going forward (because developers just don't do that) like many who read "multiple endings" in a headline will assume it to be.  Which, of course, will be followed by the invariable cries of "we were lied to!" on message boards everywhere.  

I'll never understand why developers and publishers constantly open themselves up to that style of criticism with the vague terms in which gameplay features are described.  

Sure, that's just a personal pet peeve of mine, but it's something I wanted to get of my chest, nonetheless.  

Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6th.

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