Mass Effect 3 delayed

by: Tina -
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Executive Producer on Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson, has some bad news for some of you expectant fans. Announced on the official Facebook page, Mass Effect 3 is being delayed from this Fall to the first quarter of 2012. A generic explanation of needing to ensure the game’s highest quality was made.

I say that this will be bad news to some and not all because I will take a delay ahead of the potential crippling of one of my favorite franchises. It would be a shame to see a similar repeat of disappointments from the Dragon Age sequel along the same lines of my proclamations that BioWare tried to do too much in too little of time/space for that iteration. I’m sure gamers’ time and attention won’t be misplaced, with titles such as Gears of War 3 and Skyrim being released in Mass Effect 3’s original time frame. 

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