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Poor Mass Effect 3.  It seems like every time I get on the Internet there Mass Effect 3 is starring on another console or a showing off her newer, better version.  It must be tough.  What started out as a supporting role on one console quickly led to a starring role on multiple platforms and now, before she even had a chance to catch her breath, she's headlining the opening of a brand new piece of hardware.  Yet, still she's able to throw a bone to her original fans; her fans from back when she was just some up and coming RPG with a bright future.  

If Mass Effect 3 was a Hollywood starlet she'd be going for the full Lohan if she wasn't already dead at the bottom of a bottle of vodka and sleeping pills.

With that in mind, enjoy the trailer for the WiiU version of Mass Effect 3.  It comes out on November 13.  One notable item from the trailer: it looks like one function of the tablet controller will be to allow gamers to move their team to cover from a top down map view via touch controls.  That's a great idea.  You win this round, WiiU.

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