Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack strategies

by: Nathaniel -
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Mass Effect 3's recently released Resurgence Pack features a bevy of new items for you to play with.  It includes two new maps, two new races, two brand new classes (one each specific to either the asari or the krogan), three new weapons, and brand new randomized equipment.  

As if that wasn't cool enough, a few days ago BioWare revealed this weekend's Operation: Resurgence.  It offers up the opportunity for everyone who has downloaded the new content by the start of Operation: Resurgence (it begins today at 5pm PST) to not only receive a 10% XP bonus when playing on one of the new maps, but one of the new classes or races as a guaranteed reward contained in the Reserves Pack gifted to everyone who takes part in Operation: Resurgence as well.

This new video from BioWare lays out the kind of strategies that will be beneficial for the new maps, races, classes, and weapons.  

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