Mass Effect 3: Operation Mastiff

by: Nathaniel -
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BioWare is back with Mass Effect 3's new N7 Mission Weekend.  This one is called Operation Mastiff and will require a total of 100,000 "retrieval missions" - which I assume are the in-mission sub-goals that require you to download data.  If that Allied goal is met, then all players that took part get a Victory Pack guaranteed to contain one N7 weapon.

The personal goal is extraction on silver difficulty with at least one of the Rebellion Pack classes as a squad member (Vorcha, Phoenix Project Defectors, or male Quarian).  Completing the personal goal nets everyone a Commendation Pack.

Operation Mastiff begins at 6pm PST on Friday, June 8 and runs until 4am PST Monday, June 11.

Remember to ensure your gameplay feedback is set to "on" so you'll get any appropriate awards.


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