Mass Effect 3: Operation Alloy this weekend

by: Nathaniel -
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There was a time when I could visit a message board and talk about Mass Effect's story, characters, gameplay, or whatever else was on the fan-base's mind.  

Today, every topic on every message board taken up by one kind of topic: multiplayer.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad BioWare was successful in their implementation of the Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.  People who pretend BioWare has lost their way seem to ignore just how popular Mass Effect 3's one new feature is.  However, every topic on every message board that I visit is about rocket glitching, how unbalanced and unfair this class/power/weapon or that class/power/weapon is (considering it's cooperative multiplayer, I can't even figure out why anyone cares), jerks who kick you if your N7 level is too high/not high enough, and bragging about snagging two rare weapons in one Spectre Pack.   

It's with that weighing on my heart that I bring you news of the next Mass Effect 3 bounty weekend.  This one is called Operation Alloy.  The individual goal is to promote two characters, while the squad goal is to get a total of 50,000 characters promoted in total.  If you meet the individual goal you get the standard Commendation Pack, but if the Allied Goal is met, everyone gets a Victory Pack AND a permanent upgrade to the amount of Medi-gel you can carry.

Operation Alloy runs from August 24th 11AM MDT until August 26th 5AM MDT. 

Good hunting out there.

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