Mass Effect 2...a failure?

by: Sean Colleli -
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Infoaddict has a...provocative article up called The Many Failures of Mass Effect 2. The man who wrote it, Jack Devore, has more than a few complaints about Bioware's scifi epic sequel and he isn't soft with his criticism. I think some of his issues are just nitpicking but he does make some valid points.

Tina loved Mass Effect 2 and I'm enjoying it too, but I do think that Bioware's work has to be held to a higher standard. I may not agree with Mr. Devore on Mass Effect 2, but his argument that big developers shouldn't get off easy is compelling. I've often felt that popular publishers and developers like Nintendo, Rockstar and Square get too many accolades for admittedly derivative work like GTA4 and the Mario spinoffs that come out every year. Devore at least offers specific suggestions on how to make the inevitable Mass Effect 3 a better game, instead of just complaining.
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