Mass Effect 2 to be enshrined in the Smithsonian

by: Nathaniel -
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Finally we can settle the Mass Effect 2/Red Dead Redemption GOTY wars that have been raging for months (editor's note: that's not a thing) as only one of those games was chose to be one of 80 past and present game to be displayed in the famous Smithsonian.  

I first spotted this tidbit on Facebook and that led me do dig up more information at

The Art of Video Games will run from March 16, 2012 to September 30th, 2012, and will cover the entire history of gaming from old Atari games all the way to today, and will even include brief examples that can be played by visitors.

More information can be found at the official site, and a full list of winners can be found here.

So yeah, take that Red Dead Redemption!
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