Mass Effect 2 dev diary and character trailers galore

by: Tina -
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We’ve been told that Mass Effect 2 was to have an expanded universe with more optional content and more attention paid to travel. If you have to see it to believe it, this developer’s diary is perfect. You can take a look at the galaxy from a traveler’s perspective by scanning planets, and delve a bit into the N7 missions tied into the main storyline that help develop your character and your arsenal.

This developer’s diary from BioWare also reveals how versatile Commander Shepard can be based on not just his character determined by your actions, but also the more simple aspect of his looks.

I’m sure BioWare fans are accustomed to the level of personalization that can go into the physical features of your character, but Mass Effect 2 will now incorporate the personalization of your armor with more artistic features like color and design.

Lead Cinematic Animator Parrish Ley explains that this customization is retained during cut scenes. That’s a good decision on their part, given how distracting the lack of that feature was in BioWare’s recent Dragon Age: Origins game.

BioWare has also released a few new character trailers, with each one explaining their reason for jumping into Shepard’s suicide mission. You can check out what the hardened souls have to say after the jump.




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