Marvel superheroes pre-order video overload

by: Nathaniel -
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Today, Activision Blizzard announced the pre-order bonuses for its upcoming games Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-men: Destiny via a series of videos that I've collected here for your viewing pleasure.  Those loyal readers not at work, in a library, or otherwise able to view the sweet video goodness, feel free to skip the ahead to said sweet video goodness.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time is set for release on October 4th.  X-men: Destiny is set for release on September 27th.

For the rest of you that may face serious repercussions should you get caught watching a bunch of videos on the Internet, here it is in word form:

Spider-Man: Edge of Time - bonus suits:

  • Big Time (Best Buy exclusive)
  • Future Foundation ( exclusive)
  • Identity Crisis - Ricochet, Hornet, Prodigy, and Dusk (Gamestop exclusive)

X-Men: Destiny - Exclusive X-Genes

  • Juggernaut (Best Buy exclusive)
  • Emma Frost ( exclusive)
  • Havok (Gamestop exclusive)
And now the Videos: 

Spider-Man: Edge of Time:

X-Men: Destiny:

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