Marvel Themed Pinball Tables Now On Sale In Honor Of The Avengers Movie!

by: Nathan -
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If you've held off on buying tables in Zen Studios Marvel Pinball, now is the chance to get to get some. In honor of the release of The Avengers movie Zen Studio's has reduced the prices of some of their Marvel themed tabled. You can now get Captain America, Wolverine and Thor on iOS for only $0.99.

If you are on Android you can join in on the sale as well as Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Thor have been reduced to $0.99 down from $1.99.
You only have a week to get the tables at the reduced price. Sale ends Monday, May 7th 

Zen Studios is Having a Mobile Sale in Honor of The Avengers Movie!

To celebrate the release of Marvel Entertainment’s The Avengers, all of Zen Studio’s Marvel themed mobile pinball tables on sale, and are now priced at just $0.99! Captain America, Wolverine and Thor on iOS, and Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Thor on Android have been reduced from $1.99 to $0.99! The sale ends Monday, May 7, so be sure to download Marvel Pinball on your mobile device!

Zen Pinball is a free platform on iTunes and Google Play.

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