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June 19th is the date chosen to see the release of Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles on the PS3 ($9.99), XBLA (800MSP), and PS3 Europe (€9.99).

In addition to the reveal of Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles's release date, Zen Studios has also released a trailer for The Infinity Gauntlet table that will see Thanos and the Silver Surfer locked in epic combat and feature all sorts of table-bending effects.

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Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Release Date Confirmed!

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles has been confirmed for a June 19th release for Marvel Pinball on PlayStation Network for PS3  in North America ($9.99), and June 20th for Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE Arcade (800 MSP) and Marvel Pinball on PlayStation Network for PS3 Europe (€9.99).

In celebration of this announcement, we are releasing a new trailer for The Infinity Gauntlet table. Packed full of mind bending table effects, The Infinity Gauntlet table is unlike any pinball table ever created!

The Infinity Gauntlet table features Thanos in a big way, and with Marvel Entertainment’s apparent plans to bring the Mad Titan front and center, The Infinity Gauntlet table is a great way to get familiar with his background story and powers.

About The Infinity Gauntlet Pinball Table

The table gets flipped upside down (literally) as Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock battle Thanos and recover the six Infinity Gems (Time, Space, Reality, Power, Mind, Soul) to save the Universe in The Infinity Gauntlet. Each Infinity Gem produces a special mind bending effect on the table creating an intense pinball atmosphere. In order activate Wizard Mode, players will need to master each gem.

With 139 lines of dialogue, The Infinity Gauntlet represents the biggest step forward in telling a story through a pinball table.
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