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Mark Nausha Hit by Stray Bullet

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Mark Nausha, former Director of Development for Sony Online Entertainment (Everquest and Everquest II, specifically), is now signed onto Stray Bullet Games.  Stray Bullet  is made up of key members from the defunct Wolfpack Studios, creators of 2003's Shadowbane.  Nausha brings a wealth of experience to the table, and Stray Bullet is currently at work on a new MMO.

Stray Bullet Games: Mark Nausha Hit by Stray Bullet

AUSTIN, TX -- July 13th, 2006 -- There is a new face at the offices of Stray Bullet Games.  Mark Nausha, formerly Director of Development for Sony Online Entertainment, recently joined the Stray Bullet team as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

“I saw the potential of Stray Bullet Games to become a leading developer in the online gaming space,” says Mark.  “The chance to work with trusted friends and carve out a future in the explosive online games market was too good to resist.”

Mark is no stranger to the game development industry.  He began his career in the early 1990s at Interactive Designs, where he worked as a Project Manager and later instrumental in the acquisition of Interactive Designs by SEGA. Mark then worked at SEGA on the original Eternal Champions for the Genesis and Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side on the SEGA CD where he worked alongside Stray Bullet team members Ala Diaz and Frank Lucero.  During his tenure with Interactive Designs and Sega, Nausha shipped 14 games.

In 1995, Nausha left Sega and joined Interplay Productions where he was the director of the Action/Arcade Division.  He directly managed six producers and had ultimate responsibility for 30+ titles. Interplay’s involvement with Shiny Entertainment, makers of Earthworm Jim and MDK, fell under Nausha’s jurisdiction during his time with Interplay. Mark then joined Point of View as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. 

More recently, Mark took a position at Sony Online Entertainment as Director of Development, where he oversaw live support and development of Everquest and Everquest II.

“Mark brings a huge range of expertise, ranging from console games to cutting edge MMO development”, says Frank Lucero, Vice President of Product Development and Chief Operations Officer of Stray Bullet Games.  “It’s rare to find an individual with Mark’s depth of experience, even more so to find someone at this level you can unequivocally trust.  Having worked with Mark in the past, it was a no-brainer to bring Mark on board at Stray Bullet Games.”

Stray Bullet Games is forming one of the most creative, talented, and experienced teams in the industry.  Interested parties that wish to learn more can email shoot@straybulletgames.com or visit the website at www.straybulletgames.com.

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