Mario going All-Star again?!?!

by: Jeremy -
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What began as a rumor out of Japan last night can now be confirmed thanks to a listing on Nintendo of Japan’s release calendar: Mario is his classic games are getting the All-Stars collection treatment once more. The title was revealed at a retailer conference in Japan.

Super Mario Collection Special Pack (translated title) appears to be a direct port of the classic SNES title Super Mario All-Stars, only for the Wii. In addition to the classic game titles included on the disc, the package is said to include a special booklet outlining the history of Mario from 1985 through 2010, as well as a soundtrack that covers the same timespan. The title is scheduled for release in Japan on October 21, 2010... but I would be more than willing to bet money that a US version is in the cards for the future. Considering how quickly they are getting the title out of the doors in Japan, I don’t think that a US Holiday release is out of the question for this year...

Source: Andriasang
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