Mario?!?!? Maaarrrriiiioooo? Mario?!?!

by: Jeremy -
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According to the Gamerzines website Nintendo has filed a new patent for Luigi's Mansion.  This is a very strong indication that there is something coming in the future for the (pseudo-) classic Gamecube title.  As to what is in store for its future... your guess is as good as mine.  The most likely of all projects would be a Play Control version of the original title on the Nintendo Wii.  Many of Nintendo's classic first party titles from that console have seen re-released in that manner such as Pikmin, Matio Power Tennis, and the Metroid Prime games.  Luigi's Mansion is the one title that has been noticeably missing from the lineup since the game's focus on the utilization of a flashlight and vacuum seem like the perfect fit for the Wiimote.  
Of course, there is the other train of hopeful-thought that Nintendo could be hard at work on a full fledged sequel for the game.  An entirely new game would be a welcome edition to both the Nintendo Wii and DS(i) libraries... as touch and motion controls could add some seriously intriguing gameplay.  Is it too early to start making E3 predictions?  Make a new Luigi's Mansion one of mine...

In the mean time, simply because I wanted to watch it again, I will present you with one of my all time favorite Mega 64 videos which happens to be Luigi's Mansion themed...
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