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If you're one of the millions of Maple Story faithful across the world then you'll probably enjoy this new trailer. Dragon Master Evan (what an apt name) shows off his dragon taming abilities in this battle against multiple opponents. As your character levels up his dragon grows bigger and stronger--Evan's Onyx dragon here is fully grown and kicking butt.

Great Balls of Fire

New MapleStory Dragon Companion Skills Video

The upcoming Dragon Master Evan update will introduce a whole new method for heroes of Nexon America’s MapleStory to attack their enemies. Unlike other classes, Evan’s attack skills are executed by the dragon companion. The other unique feature of Dragon Master Evan is the “growth system.” When an Evan character levels up, the player’s dragon will go through “growth stages.” As players train and reach each successive growth stage, they receive new skills and their dragon companion evolves, gets larger, and becomes stronger. Each growth stage can be compared to the “job advancements” of other classes.

This new MapleStory video previews various attack skills being executed by Dragon Master Evan’s dragon companion. The Onyx Dragon featured in the video has reached its final growth stage. Skills such as Flame Breath, Magic Amplification, Earthquake, Dragon Fury, Blaze, and many more can be acquired by adventurers looking to fulfill their destinies as heroes.

To find out more about Dragon Master Evan and see what the upcoming patch will bring, visit:

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