Manhunt 2 on hold

by: Chuck -
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Well it looks like Rockstar is going to be editing Manhunt 2 to try and get the game a M rating from the ESRB.  This will of course push the release of the game back a few months and cost Take Two a good chunk of money.

The more I think about how this whole fiasco the more I realize that there are no clean hands in the whole ordeal.  First off you have Nintendo and Sony who don't have the balls to license the game and allow it to be published this of course is done because retail stores won't sell it because people can't stand violent video games (never mind that they are selling copies of snuff films like Saw and Hostel not twenty feet away).

Then there's Rockstar who felt the need to push the boundaries by creating a sequel that no one really wanted of a game that no one really played.  I get the whole artistic thing and the freedom of speech but if anyone at Take Two really thought that this would have gone any other way really needs to have their head examined. Feh.
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