Making History II will make history in May 25th

by: Sean Colleli -
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Strategy fans can look forward to late May for Making History II: The War of the World. This game will put an emphasis on how diplomacy and economies affect the outcomes of war; even though this game is about WWII, I think war economy is a rather timely topic for the game to be tackling. If you want to get a heads up on the game, all customers who pre-order it will get access to the beta in April.
Making History II – The War of the World will parachute to PCs worldwide on May 25, 2010 for $39.99 USD at select retailers. Everyone who pre-orders the game on Impulse also gets to participate in the Beta starting in April!

More than a grand strategy game, MHII brings new and exciting ways to play with friends across the web with leaderboards, multiplayer matchmaking, persistent hosted games, group management support, chat rooms and personal user pages.


MHII gives WWII grand strategy gamers the opportunity to lead a nation and remake history. MHII reflects the reality that economics win wars as much as combat, so players can customize the development of specific cities, regions and units to support their objectives. Along the way they will face rival political factions both domestic and international, diplomatic choices that affect their nation's status and reputation, and a reactive artificial intelligence that alters its strategy based on player actions.

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