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"Viral" video certainly takes on parallel connotations in Resident Evil 5.  And while the virus in RE5 may turn victims into slathering, out-of-control 'zombies,' Capcom's viral campaign puts the ad campaign's control more directly into your presumably un-slathered hands.  Actually, it's just a clever way of getting you to do free marketing for them.  So--if that's your shtick--then head over to RE5's Kijuju site, assemble your own video from stock footage, and start sharing it with people.  Sharing your videos starts to unlock new stuff (like wallpapers, etc.) for the sharer.

The viral videos are just the beginning for Resident Evil fans as Capcom announces an exciting update to Resident Evil 5's Kijuju site.


In anticipation of the launch of Resident Evil 5 on Friday, March 13, 2009, Capcom is continuing to pay tribute to Resident Evil fans with an exciting update to the Resident Evil 5 Kijuju site this week.    The viral video campaign is just the tip of the iceberg as the new update will include a ton of new content that will help to prepare fans for the fear they will never forget in Resident Evil 5.   Be afraid at


In addition to the live-action viral videos and exclusive video and screenshots that have been giving gamers an inside look into Resident Evil 5, the Kijuju site will now host a new video mixer which allows fans to be their own director as they create their own trailers using the live action footage shot by director Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13 th ) and exclusive Resident Evil 5 footage. Gamers inspired by the first two viral videos now have the opportunity to create their own and share them online with friends.  


New updates will also include a throwback to the fans as Capcom wants to show its appreciation by awarding users who share the viral videos with their friends.  The top sharer thus far has been transformed into a Majini, and appears on the landscape of Kijuju on the main website. (  The top 5 sharers have been inducted into the hall of fame, which can be viewed on the Kijuju site.  (


For the fear you will never forget, visit the Resident Evil 5 Kijuju site at

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