Major Nelson speaks on the GH2 microtransaction drama

by: Chuck -
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The folks over at Joystiq managed to corner Major Nelson at the Guitar Hero 2 event this week to get some comments on the Guitar Hero 2 DLC that was released earlier this week.  With a lot of panties in a twist over having to spend 500 points on three songs they asked about why the pricing was so much (Red Octane had to re-license all the songs) and why the songs were grouped together (technical/busiess issues).  It's a good read and gives you some insight into why the decisions where made.

That said I would hope Microsoft is reviewing and revising their policies and procedures about how content gets through the Xbox Live so we can see single song downloads for Guitar Hero 2 (and what ever games will need it in the future). 

It's also important for gamers to realize that we are still very early on in the microtransaction world and that companies are still trying to work through all of the kinks and pricing models for content.  If you don't like something, don't buy it.  Eventually we'll get through this, it's just going to take some time.
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