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When I think about Mahjong, I usually remember The Joy Luck Club first. G5 Entertainment is hoping you'll remember Mahjong Artifacts instead. The game is currently available on the PC, iPhone and iPad, but will be releasing on the PSP and PS3 in Europe and North America on June 9th and June 15th, respectively. You can choose to explore the five ancient cultures available to you in Story Mode, tinker around with Classic Mode that lets you move tiles around, or go for Endless Mode, which is fairly self-explanatory.

Read on for the full list of features that have been announced for this upcoming puzzle game.
June 9, 2010 - G5 Entertainment announced today that Mahjongg Artifacts, the wildly popular PC, iPhone and iPad app, will be available in Europe for the PlayStation® Portable and the PlayStation 3 on June 9th for 4.99 EUR and in North America on June 15th for only $4.99.

A prequel to Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2, the Story Mode of Mahjongg Artifacts introduces players to the start of the adventure through graphic comic scenes. As players explore five ancient cultures and master more and more complicated Mahjong layouts, they will uncover lost relics as well as special tiles that will help them in their quest. The Classic mode of the game will allow players to choose which layouts and tile sets they want to complete, while Endless Mode constantly produces a never-ending arrangement of tiles, which will provide a limitless challenge.

Features of Mahjongg Artifacts include:

· A Story mode featuring 25 layouts
· A Classic mode with 100 layouts
· An Innovative Endless mode
· 27 gorgeous backgrounds
· Five beautifully drawn tile sets
· Music tracks inspired by ancient cultures
· Smooth zoom in/out and auto-zoom option
· Compatible with PS3
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