Magical Time Bean and Double Fine release Escape Goat 2

by: Jeff -
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After completing it's gestation in the Indie Omega Jam, Escape Goat 2 has emerged from the unfathomable depths of the Double Fine spare office space. What originally started as a remake of the 2011 Escape Goat puzzle platformer turned into a full sequel that's now available on Steam, The Humble Store and GOG for 10% off the regular price of $9.99. Since Double Fine is publishing the game, they decided to make one of their fancy video-tizements for it.

If you need to hear some credentials, you'll want to know that Escape Goat 2 was developed by Ian Stocker (A.K.A. Magical Time Bean), and was in the PAX 10 Selection 2013, has over one hundred rooms in ten zones, features art and animation by Randy O'Conner (Who worked on Waking Mars), and includes a guest track by Disasterpeace (Who worked on FEZ and The Floor is Jelly).

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