Madden NFL 12 - Franchise and Superstar modes revealed

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Real NFL players may be locked out, but that isn't stopping EA Sports from releasing Madden NFL 12 like clockwork, and today they've released information regarding the new enhanced versions of Madden's old Franchise and Superstar modes.

Highlights of the new Franchise and Superstar mode include:
  • Expanded rosters and cut days
  • A new rookie scouting system
  • Realistic injury frequency and injured reserve
  • Brand new "team re-sign" and "cut dead weight" logic
  • Weather tuning
  • A skill point system
  • New training camp practice sessions
  • New offensive and defensive coordinator audio 
  • New equipment
A full list of features can be found after the jump, and complete details can be found at the official Madden Feature Playbook.

Today, on the official Madden NFL website, details of the highly anticipated enhancements to the Franchise and Superstar modes in Madden NFL 12 were revealed. Below is a list of highlights for each mode. For comprehensive information, including blogs from the developers detailing each feature, videos and screens, please visit the Franchise & Superstar Playbook on the Madden NFL Website.


§ Expanded Rosters and Cut Days

§ Progression Tuning

§ All-New Rookie Scouting System

§ All-New Team Re-Sign Logic

§ All-New Free Agent Bidding Feature

§ All-New Cut Dead Weight Logic

§ Player Roles

§ Weather Tuning

§ Franchise Mode Dynamic Player Performance

§ All-New Salary System

§ Ability to Change User Controlled Team

§ Re-Tuned Player Retirements

§ Trade Future Draft Picks

§ Re-Tuned Player Award Logic

§ Practice Mode

§ All-New Player Portraits for Draft Rookies

§ Realistic Injury Frequency

§ All-New Depth Chart Logic

§ Realistic Injured Reserve

§ Edit Players

§ Re-Tuned Simulation Stats

§ All-New Coaching Impact

§ Import Draft Class Tuning

§ All-New Interface

§ 30 All-New Draft Classes featuring
Realistic Player Profiles


§ All-New Player Traits

§ Request a Trade

§ Skill Point System

§ All-New Training Camp and Practice Sessions

§ Ratings Progression

§ All-New Offensive and Defensive Coordinator Audio

§ All-New Superstar Hub

§ Redesigned Interface

§ Manage Superstar

§ All-New Equipment 
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