Madden Cover Vote Elite Eight

by: Nathaniel -
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I made some bold predictions for the Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote Sweet Sixteen.  Let's see how well I did....

My predictions were Gates, Fitzgerald, Willis, Revis, Rodgers, Brees, Johnson, and Gronkowski.  So that's five matchups out of eight I correctly predicted .  Not very impressive; although, I did predict Calvin Johnson's upset over Arian Foster.

Other highlights beyond Calvin Johnson's upset include Newton over Gates and Gronkowski over Allen.  Those two matchups accounted for the largest voting differentials in the round; while the closest matchups were Rice over Brees and Fitzgerald over McCoy.

That brings us to the Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote Elite Eight.  Here are the matchups chosen by you, the voters:

Cam Newton vs. Larry Fitzgerald                    Patrick Willis vs. Victor Cruz
Aaron Rodgers vs. Ray Rice                            Calvin Johnson vs. Rob Gronkowski

There have been 16 million votes to date, and if you haven't yet taken part but would like to, then simply visit to cast your ballot.  Voting remains open until April 25th.

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